Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ponting Should (Just) Respect Umpire Decisions ...

Venue: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Of course, Australia won the series 4-2. But the point is about Ponting's poignant attitude. He mentioned during the interview that Murali Karthik was out (caught behind) and yet was not adjudged so. He also went on to say that the result of the match would have been different had he been given out. This kind of interview is simply ridiculous, Mr. Ponting. Here is why:

Venue: The SCG, Australia.

Ganguly bowled a slower one outside the leg and Ponting definitely caressed it. It carried and Dhoni held it well. Snick-o showed that there was a faint edge and he was out. Well, he should have walked, because only he knew that he was out. It is not the umpire's fault. Umpires have a really tough job. It is up to the batsmen (with attitude) to do their job. Umpires, their relevance in the game of cricket, use of video equipment to aid umpires make a decision are all things to ponder about, but what Ponting did on this occasion is not walking the talk. On Star Sports, Gavaskar kept on coming back to it while commentating, and I fully support him in doing so. 

The point is not about whether or not a batsman should walk when he knows he's out. It's about what a supposedly sensible batsman should do on such occasions. It's about having respect toward certain things even when things are going your way and you are an exciting player to watch.

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