Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brilliant 71 in III Test at Perth ...

It was a windy and hot afternoon and Sachin paced his innings well, playing some great strokes. He should have gone on to make yet another 100. He looked in great touch. Lee bowled beautifully and I don't remember any occasion other than being beaten once and then surviving a really close call against Symonds (when he was on 49). The actual call that adjudged him LBW was a poor one, but that's part of the game. As Sachin walked though, he did look shocked by that call.

Yet again, he rejuvenated Rahul's confidence. Both played some brilliant strokes. 

62+15+154*+12+71 = 314 at an average of 63.5. This still does not look like a highlight of his career, but there are 3 more innings to come! 

Sydney test is probably the one of the most written about tests and I am not going to waste my words on it. I just want India to level the series and I don't think it is impossible. We must not think we have to just halt Aussies at 16 wins in a row. Draw is a draw, not India's win.

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(अ)-स्थिर मन ... said...

This one line of yours (which you have repeated for few times) feels too monotonous. I think you should avoid this one in your posts.

"He should have gone on to make yet another 100"