Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A win to cherish ...

Finally, India tasted a win. It was a cherishable one, though.

It belongs to bowlers. All bowled well, Sreesanth being the hero. I liked it because it was a team effort. Sachin was playing well in the first innings but he fell to Kalis after doing all the hard work against the top-order bowlers. Saurav and Laxman came is handy and had some brilliant strokeplay for display.

All in all, a great win. Kudos!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Richie Benaud's World XI ...

A friend of mine recently lent me a DVD that takes a stab at choosing the greatest 11 players for a dream team. He calls the team as "Greatest XI".

The selection procedure is perfect and it is a feast to watch all those legendary cricketers.

Sachin is at number 05 followed by the all-time-great IVA Richards.

I almost cried as I was watching Sachin's snippets and records. It felt so good.

I just hope that he recovers himself and takes care of himself. It is the burden of years that's showing up. He has got his shoulder operated and is facing one of the most feared bowling attacks in the world cricket at the moment. Pollock-the-great, Ntini, Nel are going to be more lethal than ever.

I hope Sachin reads this rather emotional rambling. If he says a few years' cricket is still left in me, I have no doubt about his revival and rebound. I want him to be a 100% fit and play his natural game!

Few days to go before the World Cup 2007.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Proving to be a human being ...

This is great. The IV ODI was comfortably won by India. Nice seam bowling by R P Singh and good support from all. Sachin got 1 for 27 off 9 overs. And the wicket was that of Inzamam!

Sami was back and Sachin got out on the third delivery he faced, edging it to the Keeper, apparently playing away from the body. That balances it. He proves that he's a human being and not a batting machine.

Rahul played a composed innings for his 59 and then Raina sealed the win. A series win in Multan was a huge achievement especially after the III test debacle. Let's see what happens at Karachi. I think they should try to win it as there aren't many pretty memories from there :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

At Lahore, he Blossoms ...

This feels good, Oh Boy!

What feels good is the way the Sport Critics in India are made to eat their own words. What feels good is the way this "Aaj Tak" video has reduced to ashes.

Agreed, it was not a chanceless supremacy. Agreed, it was not a performance resting assurance in its early stages. But then whose performance assures anything?

In Lahore, bowling a full quota of 10 overs, giving away a modest 52 runs and claiming Inzy's wicket and then come out and score a superb 95 run knock is not easy. At least not as easy as removing 'T' from his last name and suggesting some non sense from the remaining, Endulkar.

It is far from over, folks. Actually, what the sport columnists are doing is a favor to him. Pushing him to limits. Making him determination more rock solid. Letting the guy play in its course.

He has scored an awe inspiring 237 runs at a thumping average of 79 when we have completed 3 out of the 5 ODI's. India leads the series 2-1. They should have the momentum going.

Now, I think these jobless people will attribute the entire blossom of his batting to the Naved-No-Ball that brushed Sachin's foot and rolled on to the wickets, when he was at 20 in the first ODI.

39 ODI centuries and more than 14,000 runs.
35 Test centuries and more than 10,000 runs.

Doesn't the guy deserve to be left alone?

All mighty, give me the sanity not to expect anything. I am satisfied!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

-341 and a splendid 100

Hmm. It was hard digesting the loss in the third test. Asif bowled extremely well.

Even harder was the I-ODI loss in spite of a splendid 100 by Sachin. How many times does he have to do this? Just how many times? Sport critics in established media in India talk non-sense. They just can not accept that it is anybody's game at this stage. Why should they be fierce and senseless while commenting about how to improve ourselves?

Countless number of times have I felt frustrated about the verbal attacks on geniuses like Sachin. Dravid too, is trying hard. But give them some time. Accept that Pakistanis played well. Come on, give me a break!