Saturday, December 09, 2006

Richie Benaud's World XI ...

A friend of mine recently lent me a DVD that takes a stab at choosing the greatest 11 players for a dream team. He calls the team as "Greatest XI".

The selection procedure is perfect and it is a feast to watch all those legendary cricketers.

Sachin is at number 05 followed by the all-time-great IVA Richards.

I almost cried as I was watching Sachin's snippets and records. It felt so good.

I just hope that he recovers himself and takes care of himself. It is the burden of years that's showing up. He has got his shoulder operated and is facing one of the most feared bowling attacks in the world cricket at the moment. Pollock-the-great, Ntini, Nel are going to be more lethal than ever.

I hope Sachin reads this rather emotional rambling. If he says a few years' cricket is still left in me, I have no doubt about his revival and rebound. I want him to be a 100% fit and play his natural game!

Few days to go before the World Cup 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Visiting your blog after a loooong time! What a touching post. I am sure, even if Sachin is not reading, he knows and appreciates heartfelt wishes of his staunch fans like yourself :-)