Thursday, March 24, 2011

World Cup 2011 So Far ...

Well, it's 41 overs in the India-Australia Quarter-final (QF #2) and it looks like Aussies are going to post a gettable target. Ponting is of course playing fabulously. Let's see how this one goes.

Sachin just bowled two overs and after each of his overs, India got a wicket. He's bowled two overs for 9 runs and I think that's a good contribution given the regular bowlers were struggling to contain.

I think the world cup so far has been pretty good for the master blaster. Two centuries against two top opponents is very good. Of course, he should save the 100th for the special one against those who deserve it the most.

Will this be his last world cup? That's not a fair question to ask for several reasons. First off, there are no signs of it. They say that you should stop when you're on the top. But he's been on top so many times! Every time he played, we did not say that. Then, when did we decide to start asking this question? I am sure there will be reports like "What next for Tendulkar?" offering him choices and views. Personally, I think Sachin is an evergreen cricketer. Various events happen on his time-line. World Cup, whereas special, is just another event on it. I don't think he will change his stance. He has always said that he will stop playing when he stops enjoying it as much.

There's the thought of being able to physically sustain. Well, humans are known to be able to physically stress themselves. But just last year, he scored a double century in the ODI's, against SA. Undoubtedly, this has been the most run productive year and half for him. So, I am not sure celebrating his 38th birthday should make him any sadder (not that the thought of age really bothers him).

OK. Then the next line of argument would be "When will he stop playing then?". Wow. Why does that arise now? Why can't we just sit back, watch and enjoy one of the biggest cricketing geniuses of all time? It might be true that all good things come to an end, but why behave as if we all eagerly await that future event to enjoy the beautiful present?

Yeah, but for tonight, let's wish Sachin luck so that he edges the one who he inspires, one more time ...