Monday, November 01, 2010

2-0 and 1-0 is delicious ...

One can always check this up on cricinfo, but I don't remember such a humiliation of the Aussies in the recent past. They were not able to even draw a match, let alone winning it.

Of course, Laxman, Sachin and all the bowlers (and one batsman among them -- Ishant Sharma) have a lion's share in what India could do to the 5th ranked test-cricket-playing-nation!

I still feel that the roots of this rout are in the India's tour of Australia in 2007-2008. Of course, one can't rely on his or her past laurels in any field. Relentless pursuit is the only way to excel. Sachin was truly mesmerizing in this series. He got 98, 38, 214 and 53* in the four innings he played and was able to push his test-cricket average beyond 56. In fact it is almost 57 (56.96) at the moment. In recent past, I remember him stranded at or around 54. What he has done to his average while still scoring 14240 runs is remarkable by any means.

Hats off!