Sunday, December 19, 2010

50th Hundred in Centurion ...

It's about 8 hours to go for the fifth day's play in Centurion. India are on the verge of defeat. Cricket is, still, a game of glorious uncertainties and the uncertainty is often assisted by the (bad) weather. So, for some time at least, it remains to be seen if India can save the test.

The point, however, is Sachin's 50th test century which couldn't have come at a more opportune time for the game's greatest idol. Incidentally, a friend recently commented that getting a century has become so easy these days. I had said that a needed century has not become any easier. Well, this one is one of those centuries -- done when batting in the II innings with a huge deficit of 484 runs!

I am sure pundits would say more grandiose things about this hundred (but phleasse, don't let Ian Chappel do so). For every fan of his though, this is a treat, a treasure to relish forever. Like John Keats said
A thing of beauty is joy forever!
The next goal is to get to a 100 or hundreds, should we say?