Sunday, July 01, 2007

Player of the Series (twice in a row) ...

Notwithstanding the so-called clouds of doubt, Sachin became the Player of the Series twice in a row after the early exit from the World Cup, once on sub-continental pitches and once on Irish pitches.

He shared the honors (rightfully) with Yuvraj Singh and India beat SA convincingly at Belfast. Yuvee was at his best too and saw India through.

This is a thumping blow to sport critics world-wide. They have to pray that he underperforms in England. And again, he's up for the law of averages. I don't have any expectations. I do feel that Karthik, Dhoni and others should now step up and shoulder more responsibilities ...

Let's see what happens in England, who are all over WI.

BTW, here is another unimpressive collection of Sachin's stats. I think if you have nothing to do, you can come up with several good-looking comparison charts that are good for nothing.

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