Tuesday, April 12, 2005

India-Pakistan 4th One-dayer 2005

Well, I tend to forget the matches I see. Because of Umesh's help, I am able to see some interesting cricketing action live. I thought it is better to blog about these moments for it would be easier to recollect them.

Venue was Ahmedabad. Indian team under pressure to perform. Ganguly even under more pressure. I had fought with Devendra for Sachin. I think there were utterly naive statements made regarding Sachin's current form. Here are a few of those meaningless statements:
  • Sachin started the defensive approach in the III test at Bangalore.
  • Sachin is yet to produce an innings to remember, in test cricket!
  • He does not win matches anymore. Look at Kallis/Lara ...
I can't refute these statements because I don't want to. It only shows the lack of knowledge and adamancy of those who made these baseless statements.

I can't imagine how tough it would be for Sachin. I feel his pain, because I can imagine it is easier said than done to remain at pinnacle for so long.

Let me just complete my description of yet another remarkable innings from Sachin.
  • He made 123 off 130 balls with 2 magnificent sixes and 10 fours.
  • Started off really well, with positive frame of mind. Sehwag departed when he was caught napping by Younis Khan.
  • Sachin made invaluable partnerships with Dhoni and Ganguly.
  • Here is the shot selection made by Sachin:
    • Real great strokes of the legs off Sami and Naved.
    • Using "deleberation" against Razzaq who bowled really well. (10-0-42-0).
    • Danish Kaneria was punished ruthlessly. The pitch was slow and it is difficult to make runs "behind the wickets". I can't forget the two lofted clean hits, both down the track, when Kaneria tried the round-the-wicket route. (One of the hits hit a photographer in the stands, right in his head. I hope he's okay).
  • He finally had cramps at the 38th Century(!) mark, had a runner and still worked the ball well.
It was just a nice finish by Yuvraj who got 19 runs in the last over.

It was one of the best chases by Inzy and others and Pak won. Great cricket.

You know what, the guy who made a century also bowled reasonable 6 overs for 36 and a wicket.
Amazingly, he bowled the last over when 3 runs were needed to win and against an accomplished batsman like Inzy could concede the winning boundary only on the final delivery! A nail-biting finish.

What a cricketer!

Fellow Indians, he's a great cricketer. Please know who you're criticizing.